Website request

In the following I have listed some questions that will help you and me to steer the planning of the new website in the right direction in advance.

    Which service is it?

    Already have a website?

    If yes, what is the address of the website?

    What does your company/organization do?

    Briefly describe what your company does and what makes it stand out.

    How do you define your target group?

    What purpose should your website serve?

    What short-term and long-term goals are you pursuing with the website?

    Do you have a logo and corporate design?

    Do you already have good quality pictures?

    Do you already have texts?

    Are there any websites that you like related to your business?

    Just add links to sites you like below. Die Seiten müssen nicht zwangsweise etwas mit Ihrem Unternehmen zu tun haben. You may just like the menu, fonts, colors, or just the overall style of a site.

    Do you prefer a specific CMS (Content Management System) ?

    Which CMS do you prefer?

    Do employees want to be able to manage content on the website themselves?

    Should your website be multilingual?

    Should your website have certain functions?

    Would you like more traffic, visibility in the search engines or conversions?

    Is later maintenance desired (updates, backups, content)?

    When do you plan to launch your website?

    What budget are you planning for the realization of your website?

    What is the email address of the contact person?

    Your data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

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